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Little Nature Stories : Children's Book Review

Written By: Suzanne Fossey & Melanie Joyce

BOOK REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

These nature stories are a BIG HIT during story-time.

Each nature story introduces the cycle of life, like an acorn or a seed that grows into a mighty oak tree or a pumpkin. 🌳🎃

My daughter's preschool gifted us with the "Little Acorn". Almost every night before bed, the choice is "ACORN!" The illustrations are colorful & engaging plus super cute! My daughter points to the trees, birds, butterflies, and loves looking at the pictures. Talk about brownie points in interactive 🧡

It's a fun & engaging way to sit with your child and introduce nature through reading because spring will come...soon...hopefully...😬

Scholastics sells "Little Acorn" but you can find rhe series of "Little Chick", "Little Raindrop", and more on Amazon with the hard pages.

Try one with your kiddo. If they like it, have fun and let them pick the next one. 😁📕


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Book Rating

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