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Midwest Book Mom Presents: Character Interview with Arthur Pepper

Book Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Today we have Arthur Pepper, a cheerio Englishman written in the novel The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick. Mr. Pepper is a widower who lives a routine lifestyle. He gets up at 7:30AM every day, goes and waters Frederica then, then wears the same mustard colored sweat vest with grey slacks. It isn’t until he stumbles upon his late wife’s charm bracelet his life starts to pivot in a different direction. A direction filled with hope, healing, and self-discovery.


You seem like a well-developed character. When I think of you, the little old man from the Pixar movie, “UP” comes to mind. How would you describe yourself?

(Arthur): First off, I’m not some “cheerio” Englishman. I’m Arthur. There’s isn’t much I want to say about myself. My business is mine and my neighbors have their own…or should…Bernadette keeps knocking on my door making me one of her “lost causes”. Pfft. I live in a three-bedroom home, same home my wife Miriam and I live in. Or I should say lived in…but I don’t like to think this way. My wife would often offer tea to our guests when we rarely had them…

My apologizes, let’s get you some tea. Now, I read your story a couple years back. Honestly, your story still holds a special place in my mind under “memorably whimsy & feel-good.” What are your thoughts about your story?

(Arthur): I’m not sure what you mean by “whimsy”. I was cleaning out some of my wife’s belongings when I happened upon a charm bracelet I’ve never seen before. I noticed there were numbers on the charms, longitude and latitude, places. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and discover where these charms came from and the story behind them. It was difficult because I like routine, but I felt I needed to know about these charms.

So, The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper isn’t about your charming character, but charms on a bracelet. Seems a little misleading don’t you think?

(Arthur): I’ll ignore your comment on my character. I can see where that would be confusing, but I’m only the character, not the writer. Phaedra Patrick designed me and other characters well enough to have her readers want to continue reading my story. Again, I don’t know what makes my story fascinating, but if it leaves someone believing in hope and change, then I don’t mind your opinion of “whimsy & feel-good”. That felt silly to say.

I’m glad you’re open to my opinion about your story. Final question Mr. Pepper. Would you say some people may connect with your story through real life?

(Arthur): (sets down his teacup) There are coincidences in the story where, in real life, it would be improbable; however, change is always constant. One day the little children toddling around your home will grow up and move on. I’ve said in the book, “Where once Miriam was their sun and I their moon, Dan and Lucy, my children, are now distant stars in their own galaxies.” This will happen to you. The spouse you see every day will start to age and you’ll face challenges together like I did with my Miram. In those aspects, yes, my story is like real life. But do remember, in real life, you’ll have people who want to love you and be there for you. You may want to be left alone but deep down; we can’t be alone.


Don’t you want to grab a tissue and hug your loved ones? The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper is truly a whimsy, feel-good book. The unknown journey out of Arthur Pepper’s comfort zone keeps the reader wanting to turn the page. Phaedra Patrick developed likable characters and giving a movable plot by making Arthur’s character change while discovering about the life his late wife, Miriam, once had. There are a few places where the scenes are a bit long and the reason for my 4-star rating. Overall, it’s a book I do recommend to others who’ve recently finished a book with a weary ending and looking for something uplifting.

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper can be found at your local library, Amazon, or on Audible.


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